Georgia Premier

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Who won the 2022 World Series?

Eric Guvara

2023, Auburn University

I’m very grateful that I was able to attend Georgia Premier Academy. I learned so much from all the coaches, not only about baseball, but also how to carry myself, how to respect the game and have a good attitude. I loved the spiritual part of it, loved to have someone like Pastor Reynolds, who helped me create a relationship with God during my time there, and give my life to Christ; that for me was the most important moment of my life. All the coaches and the staff made me feel like I was part of a family and all the people you met while there were like brothers to me. It was just an amazing experience.

Kennard Dawson

2019, Brewton Parker College
Going to Georgia Premier for me was a life changing experience. It is a family oriented culture that is something I never knew I needed. It allowed me to come to a place with guys who all had the same goal as me, which was trying to get to the next level and earn a scholarship to play college ball. Once I got there I learned that it was a lot more than just baseball. I created tons of lifelong friendships, got exceptionally better at baseball and most importantly learned more about God. WhileI attended GPA I would always look forward to being able to come back and give to the academy like guys who came before me always did. I am thankful for everyone’s GPA because I know I have a family that I can turn to at any time.